Online Casino Sponsors Eating Championships

Online Casino Sponsors Eating Championships

If you had to pick an online casino that would sponsor the Grilled Cheese Eating Championships, it would be hard to go past Golden Palace Casino, who have been setting new standards in attention-grabbing marketing creativity for the last few years.

Not long ago, Golden Palace Casino purchased a grilled cheese sandwich that bore a striking resemblance to images of the Virgin Mary, a Christian religious figure. The World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship was a perfect fit with Golden Palace Casino after this purchase, and Golden Palace offered $100,000 to any amateur that could break the world record of 36 sandwiches in 10 minutes. Seems easy enough, right?


Of all of the amateurs that took part, the closest anyone came to beating the old world record was a Nevada local named Mike Justice, who could only manage 9.

It took a professional to break the old world record. After 10 minutes of crazy eating, Joey Chestnut came up for air and the judges marked his efforts with the new world record. If you’re interested in beating his mark, you’d better start training, as he set the new bar at 47 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes.

The CEO of Golden Palace Casino, Richard Rowe, commented: “Of all our marketing campaigns, the eating competitions are definitely one of the most entertaining. Everywhere we go, people have a wonderful time watching these athletes stuff themselves. It really is an incredible thing to watch.”

And make no mistakes – these guys are true athletes. It takes years to train your body to handle the loads these guys put themselves under when they enter eating competitions, as evidenced by the gap between what a professional can achieve compared to an amateur. Chestnut – 47, Justice – 9.

Richard Rowe said the eating competitions are one of the most entertaining and he’s probably right. But I’d rather see that Golden Palace-sponsored prison poker game in the bullring!

Terrence Flournoy